Tsunami SOS

Empower and rebuild lives devastated by Tsunami

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Whats ahead

Our present activities, future mission and objectives:

  • Started formalities to register as a trust to continue the work as an identity, source funds and set accountability.

  • Relief material is still being sent but depending on specific requirements.

  • A database is being created with specific requirements listed.

  • Creating a communication network that will direct support and funds to affected areas. Acting as a bridge to channelize the funds and resources to the needy. Frequent visits by the core-group will be made so the ground reality can be published so those who want to help can reach them directly or through our members of our group.

  • Reaching volunteers to affected villages to counsel and empower people. There are willing volunteers who can spend long periods of time but cannot afford the cost of accommodation and transport.

  • Coordinating the logistics of relief work of individuals who are traveling from abroad and want to spend time in the villages rehabilitating the people.

  • Sourcing small-scale occupations to be set for women in the affected areas.

  • Finding sponsors for the education of children and basic nutrition in the Tsunami affected areas. Setting up study centers for the children to do their homework and get extra help with their studies employing the educated but unemployed of the respective villages.


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