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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I have a fresh appeal to all of you. The next batch of relief material is scheduled to leave this Friday, 7th Jan to 4 villages identified near Karaikal where very little relief has reached. We will be carrying food packets for families that should last them a week. This has been decided after talking to many victims. They want to cook their own food and eat. They are unhappy with the food packets that they are receiving now.

Each package will contain rice, dhal, sooji, tamarind, powders (chilli, turmeric, dhania, garam masala) salt, jeera, mustard, urad dhal, oil, milk powder, tea & sugar, 2 multipurpose vessels, spoon and a knife. Stoves for families who do not have them will be provided.

Approx. cost – 500/-

(the approx. cost of a dinner for one or two at a fancy restaurant, tickets to a movie, a visit to the parlor, a couple of drinks at the pub, a salwar, a shirt....)
You just have to give up one of these to give a family their basic need for survival for a week.

Please do reach out and feed the helpless. Also tell your friends that they can help feed a family and you can reach their donations to us. If anyone wants to donate food grains in bulk it would be a blessing.

Those of you who wish to reach the material in kind can send the following:

Rice packets – 5kg (do not mix varieties of rice)
Dhal – 1 kg packets

Sooji – 2 kg packets
Oil – 1 ltr packets

Milk powder – 1 tin
Sugar – 1 kg

You can have your own collection center and we can arrange for it to be transported to the affected area and distribute it when we get there. The collection should be large enough to make the transportation worth it.

Other materials being distributed are mats, blankets, towels…(only new ones)

Also you can collect toys for children (not broken).

If you need any more details please call me at 98867 04602 or mail me at


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